Over 3000 agents active
in 160 countries

15,000 rates
available online 24/7

AMS and AFR provided
at wholesale prices

With more than 3,000 authorized agents operating in 160 countries, All World Shipping is the largest agency group in the world. They have experienced rapid growth, with many WCAworld members regularly using their services worldwide.

All World Shipping provides its agents with a globally accepted online HBL. In addition, they furnish globally mandated Customs services, such as AMS (USA) and AFR (Japan) filing for FCL and LCL ocean shipments.

AWS also works with its agents to secure competitive rates by utilizing industry-leading ocean carriers. These benefits allow WCA Courier Network members to focus on providing personalized service that large multinationals cannot offer. Joining AWS is free with your WCA Courier Network membership and gives your company flexibility. You do not lose any of your independence and are never required to support All World Shipping. You only use the AWS services when they provide an advantage to you.


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